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Limited edition novelty 
eau de mouffette spray


Genuine skunk essence with rose perfume spray.  I recommend asking to leave the skunk essence out and opt for plain rose when you purchase, which I will happily do. While it was a fun idea you cannot contain the smell. Once it is in your house it will smell for ages. I have to keep mine out on the veranda so it does not stink up the house.  I actually don't mind the smell. I like the smell of skunk. However, I am not so sure a house guest would agree. Let's just call this one of my impractical inventions.  Fun to talk about a bad idea to ship. I think the USPS would actually come for me if one of these leaked. See contact info below if you are interested. 


to purchase perfume please email:

(this way we can discuss why you make such poor life choices)

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