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"Rosy Snow Foe" Mocktail Recipe


To celebrate the holidays creator Debra Roberge dreamt up a mocktail recipe to compliment the latest SHU-GRRR release and "Rosy Snow Foes" AR Filter. Because children are also naturally drawn to this page there is no alcohol in this concoction. But, adults can enhance theirs and no one here will tell.*wink*

“Rosy Snow Foe” Mocktail


Shaved ice (Crush about a dozen cubes in a blender)

1 Fentimans Sparkling Rose Lemonade

Grenadine (to add the pink to your snow)

1 maraschino Cherry

1 Coupe glass

1 biodegradable straw

Form two packed snowballs with the shaved ice. Make sure the bottom snowball is large enough to fit the glass, and the top snowball is much smaller. This will prevent your foe from toppling over.

Fill Coupe glass halfway with Rose Lemonade.

Stack snowballs on top in the glass and build your Snow Foe.

(You can also build your Foe first in the glass and slowly add the sparkling pink lemonade after. This will depend on how confident you feel about eyeballing this situation. Pun absolutely intended.)

Drizzle snow with grenadine to make it Rosy! (Don’t put so much in one spot or it melts your snow too quickly)

Cut the maraschino Cherry crosswise to make a hat! You can use the bottom half to cut into pieces to make a mouth and eyes if you desire.

Top off with straw and add more rose lemonade as you drink and watch your Rosy Snow Foe melt!


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