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Rabid Perfume Album and Music Video Release 7/15/21

07/11/2021- Super excited to finally put my album out! The vinyl is available for pre-order and the digital download is available on 7/15/21! Click HERE to purchase. I have been waiting patiently for three years. My song "Sad Sad Vampire" is in the movie "Mister Sister" and we are also releasing that music video the same day! Finally the movie will have it's premiere at the TCL Chinese Theater on September 12th, 2021 so I was given the go ahead to start promoting my hidden work! More details to follow. I am just so happy to move things forward again. What a strange year. I hope you enjoy my strange and unusual happy music with the obvious nod to the 1920's now the 2020's! Are we safe to go out dancing again? I hope so! I personally am ready to roar! Much LOVE! Thorne, Flower, and Madame Pew Pew

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"Smell the sound. Hear the scent."
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