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*NEW* AR Filter available on Instagram and Facebook!

08/27/22 - My first AR filter is live on Facebook and Instagram now! Search creator name "Skunk in the Roses" or "Skunk Smells Roses". Morph yourself into an ornate skunk smelling some roses. I do not have a stitch of makeup on in this video (ombre digital lipstick, eyeliner, and smoothing added). More plans for this as tech gets more accessible to the public. This first one was difficult because I was learning as I built it. Now that I understand the interface it will be easier. The set up for the program reminds me of Blender. So much potential and so much fun! Now... GO SKUNK YOURSELF! Bookmark and use as you want. You can mute the music or let it play. I decided not to auto mute the mic. Hopefully one day they will make it an option so you can mute it yourself in app but for now the creator has to choose.

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"Smell the sound. Hear the scent."
Jumping Skoses by Skunk in the Roses
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