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NEW ALBUM slated for JULY release!

04/02/2021- Really excited to receive the test pressing of my new record. I am not releasing details at this time because honestly I don't want crummy mainstream slap-dash copies of my ideas before they even have a chance to have life. I will say we are planning a July release on our new label "World Domination Records". This all has to do with the timing of a single I have in the movie "Mister Sister". More on that later. After listening to my album on this warm sound of vinyl I will say my songs were made for it. I am so excited. I will do later digital releases of the songs but I don't want my hard work reduced to a social media post that gets likes and then nothing. No one cares 8 seconds later. I am also all about avoiding social media biters with no ideas of their own. Yes, there is absolutely a creative consciousness and the lines between us get thinner and thinner thanks to technology. We are flooded with other people's ideas and thoughts daily. That absolutely influences us. Remember, there is a difference between inspired and blatant stealing. There is a book for creatives that encourages stealing and as an actual channeler of creativity I flip that notion the middle finger. I lay down at night in bed and see pictures and hear music I wish you could see and hear! In fact, my life's torture is actually trying to get the things I see to even take a physical form of some kind. (Art, music, fashion, architecture. I can't make or learn how to do all of these things by myself! But oh I do try!) But, digital and social media is a demon that is here to stay and I will say it does have an upside for making things accessible. This music wouldn't exist if it weren't for technology. This album is my creation and arrangement with the exception of Die J! Mars adding some dance beats. Decades of DJing to clubs in Toronto and New York he has way of knowing what will clear a floor and what will make people stay. I trust his ear for that. I have watched him knowingly clear a floor and not care because he likes things that other people can't get. Other than that the songs, album art, photos, hair, make-up, clothes, styling are all made by my hands. Which yes, that can make things take longer. These songs are absolutely me. If someone else tried to copy them they would look like a phony and a fool. Aren't we tired of that yet? This is why every mainstream video or singer that comes out looks the same. Everyone tries to grab at what will make them most popular instead of actually knowing themselves enough to stick their neck out and make actual art. We should laud being yourself and liking the things you like. Not who can make a copy, of a copy, of a copy out of fear into infinite boredom. Rant being said, I can't wait to bring you more and more into MY world! Soon.

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