SHU-GRRR by Skunk in the Roses


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Skunk in the Roses is positively giddy about their latest release SHU-GRRR and their fans better be prepared for a rush! Sit back and listen (If you can without jumping up to dance) to what makes this Artist stand out. Don’t forget to share.

SHU-GRRR by Skunk in the Roses_

Enjoy the Visuals

Skunk in the Roses is thrilled to introduce their newest music video; a creative combination of Rococo Punk sights and sounds comprised of  fun mixed media that combines video, photos, Artificial Intelligence and VFX software with their sonically addictive musical talent. Watch the video, explore the rest of their releases on YouTube, and discover the originality of Skunk in the Roses now!


"Growing up, I loved to dream up characters, costumes and stories. Through a lot of hard work, self-guided learning and perseverance, I am now able to digitally immerse myself into these otherworldly realities which allows the viewer a glimpse inside my mind." - Debra Haden Roberge - Creator of Skunk in the Roses


Please enjoy the first AR Music Video (and the second video for the song SHU-GRRR) where technology and reality blur the lines to create a multi-media feast for your eyes and ears.

Creativity & Imagination

Skunk in the Roses has been dreaming of making their idea for 3D shows even more interactive since its inception. Please enjoy the new AR filters "SHU-GRRR", "Cakes Have Feelings" and "Queen of Sweet" that were created for you to use to celebrate the new single SHU-GRRR! Go to Instagram and Facebook now and search Skunk in the Roses in the filter section to use. OR click the little stars icon on the Instagram profile.